Health Care

The attorneys at Pacific West Attorneys have extensive experience drafting agreements and providing legal services and advice for medical groups as well as individual physicians, doctors, mid-level providers, and other health care providers. These agreements include the group’s governance documents, employment and independent contractor agreements, and agreements involving the acquisition and sale of ownership interests (share of stock, units and membership interest) in health care entities that include specific covenants common in the health care industry. We provide significant experience litigating as well as drafting restrictive covenants including non-competition, non-solicitation, and PHI confidentiality covenants that are directly affected by state and federal health care statutes and regulations including HIPAA and HITECH. The Firm’s attorneys have represented many medical groups and physicians in complex litigation involving such restrictive covenants as well as other disputes arising from entity shareholder agreements and operating agreements affecting the various rights, duties and obligations under these agreements. It is our belief that attorneys with significant litigation experience involving these types of covenants enhances the Firm’s ability to draft agreements anticipating likely future disputes and hopefully avoid costly and unnecessary future litigation.

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